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Ginny M., Seattle, WA February 2016

"Recently I attended an evening of messages at East/West Bookstore. Lisa is amazing to watch in action. She is so gifted with an uncanny ability to reach beyond and connect with those who have passed. She laughs, jokes, and has fun with them...and with us! Lisa is refreshingly "real," and her love and care for humans on earth and above, shines through. She is a beautiful and energetic force of nature!"

Susan Oliver, Sequim, WA April 2016

"​I felt such a personal sense of nurturing during my reading with Lisa K. Fox; she was most accurate, insightful, listened and recalled all of my concerns.  What I always look for in readers is that their focus is more about being of service and making their prices affordable so all of us can receive messages of hope, love, and encouragement.  I am most touched and blessed having found Lisa and now having her to counsel with.  More than grateful!"

Wendy W. Seattle, WA
May 2016​​


"Through her gifts, Lisa was able to give me peace. I will forever be grateful for her reading. I recommend her to anyone searching for understanding, confirmation, closure or guidance."

Kathy G. Los Angeles, CA April 2016


"My medium reading with Lisa left me emotionally drained and at peace. She was on target in her characterizations and questions that lead me to answers I was seeking. I have had readings before, but never one so clear and descriptive. At times I felt she was in the room with me instead of on the phone. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers, closure or just the chance to “communicate” with loved ones who have crossed over. I certainly will be contacting her again to see what else I need to know and to receive any guidance that is available."

Kim T. - Portland, OR

May 2015

"On May 27, 2015  I had a mediumship telephone reading with Lisa. I contacted Lisa because I am currently going through a personal crisis and I needed to speak with mom who transitioned to spirit 2 years ago.  My mom and I are extremely close and even though I am 53, I still need her. I have had a lot of experience with mediums and Lisa is exceptional. An hour before the reading, I could feel her energy reaching out to me. This was my first session with Lisa and she told me things about my mom she could not have previously known. The reading was very helpful and I will be using Lisa’s services again. I highly recommend her."

Debbie O.

Des Moines, WA

July, 2017

"Fate has a way of bringing the right people into our lives at just the right time - Lisa is very in-tune with our loved-ones that have passed on yet are still with us in spirit to guide and to comfort. Lisa is compassionate, professional, very approachable, open, and unreserved. I have sought out Lisa's insight many times and I hear my Dad and my sweet furbaby Annie speaking through her each time. She is also very competent in reading tarot cards and offers personal explanations for each meaning. I truly recommend that you contact Lisa if you're looking for guidance beyond what we can see. There is so much wisdom and enlightenment that most of us can't see or hear. There is nothing intimidating or "spooky" about Lisa or her gifts; I was put at ease immediately, and I had never sought clairvoyant counsel before."

Deb S., Seattle, WA

February 2016

"Hi Lisa! It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. My partner and I listened to the recording, stopping it many times to discuss certain parts. She had great insight into some of the messages that mom had that at the time which I didn't fully understand; she also knew some of the spirits that came through that I wasn't able to recognize at the time. I feel like I got to spend a very special time with my mom and I will be forever grateful to you for that."

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