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About Lisa

      From the time I was 4 years old, I was hearing and seeing spirits, and picking up on information past, present and future that others did not. It has taken a good portion of my life to come to terms with what I now know is a very strong genetic gift from my maternal Irish roots. My grandmother was clairvoyant, and most of my immediate family members have some or all of the “Four Clairs". Clairvoyance or clear vision or “sight”, Clairsentience, or a deep empathic understanding, Claircognizance or clear knowledge, and Clairaudience, or the ability to hear Spirit(s) clearly.

      I believe we are all born with these gifts, with some more prominent than others. We are each being called to use these gifts now more than ever to help one another, ourselves and our universe.

       My mission is to use my God-given gifts to help enlighten, clarify, heal and bring understanding where it is most needed and wanted. If you have landed on my site today, it may be that you need my assistance.
      I am blessed to be able to help you, and only want to be a blessing in return. Please click on my “Testimonials” page to see how I have helped others.

      I am honored to have been hand-picked, trained and certified by world-renowned clairvoyant medium and author Lisa Williams.

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I look forward to working with you!



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