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Misfit With A Gift

I was wrapping presents and watching “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” with my 10 year neighbor girl Charlee a few years ago. Like so many of you, I grew up with this movie and it is a beloved tradition to watch it every Christmas. Having Charlee to watch it with made it all the more special, and right in the middle of taping a corner together, I suddenly had a flash of my 10 year old self watching this movie and realized another reason why it was so important to me. As a kid I always felt like a misfit toy.

I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere with anyone and I wondered if I would ever find a home where I would be loved and truly accepted. I had dead people coming to visit me from the time I was 4 years old, and try as I might to be rid of them I couldn’t. They were my constant companions and needed my help but I didn’t know how to help them…yet.

I had no friends really-girls who talk to dead people weren’t real popular back then and my home life was sadly abusive and horrible.

The dead kept me company and helped me cope with the loneliness, abuse and neglect in my home life. They became very precious to me and really saved my life in many ways. I have a distinct memory of being 10 years old and in the 4th grade sitting behind a school building at recess with a girl from my class and talking to her grandma in Spirit.

While the rest of my class played, I hid and sought out quiet places because I was overwhelmed with all that I could see, hear and feel. I knew I was different and I hated it. I was lonely, and afraid most of the time and I longed to just be “normal”. I had no idea why I was “cursed” and what to do with it all. This “Curse” has been in my family for generations on my mother’s side. All the women in my family are psychically gifted, but I am the only medium.

By age 44, the voices were getting louder and more insistent as this gift gets stronger with age in my family. I was either going to lose my mind or figure it out! I was a misfit and I needed to explore these “Gifts”! How eternally grateful I am to all my teachers, supportive friends, family and clients! Especially all the loved ones in Spirit who have taught me the most.

Today, I wouldn’t change a thing and consider myself so blessed to have these gifts to help in anyway I can. My mission has always been to help bring healing, clarity and peace to one soul at a time-here and on the other side.

It’s not just my clients who receive healing and blessings from the divine connection but also your loved one in Spirit!

Your relationship here on earth may have ended, but the love between you never ever dies! My sincere hope and prayer for you is that you will include your loved ones in Spirit during your holiday festivities-that you will talk to them, and remember to share some stories or funny things that they did. Trust me when I say that it will mean the world to them on the other side, and that they will be right there with you all, silently watching and listening to the fun. Ask them for a specific sign and then PAY ATTENTION so you don’t miss it! They are always with us…and work hard to remind us just how much they love and miss us! I pray for all of us to have joy, peace, love and connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, our families and our loved ones in Spirit!

Warmest Holiday Blessings,


-- Bringing healing, clarity and peace to one soul at a time, here and on the other side. Lisa K. Fox Clairvoyant Medium

It is my policy that the loved one that you most want to connect with be passed over a minimum of 3-6 months from the time of your mediumship reading. This allows you time to be ready for your reading and your loved one time to transition, thus establishing a much stronger connection.

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