Happy Fall Y'all!

How are you all doing through these challenging times? It's been a real roller coaster for me and my family how about yours? Thankfully, we are all healthy and I hope you are too! You may know that I moved back home to Montana last March to help with my Dad who almost died from an infection. He has since made a miraculous recovery, I am happy to say thank you God!

We are now gearing up to help homeschool my 11 year old twin nephews.

We are sharing a small 3 bedroom home with 4 adults so this will be organized chaos but fun and challenging! I will be in charge of field trips while the beautiful Fall weather holds. Learning local birds, animals, plants and trees while on a walk, hike or bike ride. Cannot wait! I love nature and Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! The one thing I get asked the most in my readings with my clients is "When will this end?" I don't have a clear-cut answer on that even as a gifted psychic, but I do know that we will make it through this! I do however feel strongly that it may take awhile. Staying out of fear and staying as calm and grounded as possible is VITAL. I myself have had to really practice meditating and deep breathing! If you have had a reading with me, you know that I often start with us both connecting with eyes closed and taking three slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. You can do this anytime anywhere and it really helps to clear, center and ground yourself no matter what is going on. It's a simple exercise, but it really works. I hope you try it! Thank you to each one of you for being in my life and blessing me with the privilege of reading for you! It's an honor and I'm so grateful to get to do this work for Spirit and to help you in anyway I can. Have a safe wonderful Fall season!

In love and Spirit,

Warmly, Lisa

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