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Lisa Fox is an internationally known and respected clairvoyant medium. She is fully certified and endorsed by world renowned clairvoyant medium Lisa Williams. Lisa is a very gifted fifth generation medium, who has the honor of bringing often life changing messages from your loved ones in Spirit for comfort, healing, clarity and peace. Lisa gives spiritually based intuitive guidance, helping to empower you in finding your highest and best path along with your own intuitive gifts. She covers every aspect of your soul's journey past, present and future. She is also a gifted medical intuitive, animal communicator and healer.


April 22, 2017


I hear it almost everyday when I finish a reading for a client: "That's quite a gift you have Lisa!" or something along those lines.  I am truly blessed, honored and so grateful that I GET to do this work-that I have the privilege as a spiritual medium of connecting those that are grieving here on this earth plane with their loved ones human or fur on the other side.  It's a magical mystery that I have yet to fully understand but appreciate and love everyday of my life.

My life lessons have come hard and fast in my life and I now understand that it was necessary because God was preparing me to use the gifts He gave me to help a lot of people. I needed to be able to connect with and understand many different people with many different and unique challenges. When we have a problem, we want someone who has been there to talk to-we need to feel safe, understood and validated. We want that person who truly gets it and we know when someone doesn’t. After years of struggle with my family “Curse” I realized with the help of many friends and family that I have a special calling and am uniquely gifted by God to help people understand more about their own soul journey, the afterlife, and to find clarity, healing and peace through a true and powerful connection with their loved ones.

So it stands to reason that in my life as a medium I would experience some pretty hard losses. This is because I need to understand grief inside and out firsthand to be the best medium possible, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it also keeps me humble, full of compassion and helps me show up as the best human version of my paranormally gifted self.

It also helps me remember what it feels like. Grief is a process…it’s not something that has a time limit. It’s yours and yours alone. Even a gifted medium cannot bring that person or pet back…death hurts. My medium self knows that it’s really an illusion, a brief separation and that we will all be reunited again someday, but my heart, body, mind and spirit must still grieve whenever there is a loss in my own life.

Never have I grieved so hard and so deeply as I have over the past month. After almost 10 years, I had to unexpectedly put down my beloved German shepherd Aisha who was truly like a daughter to me.

I could write a book alone about her and our story. She was a rescued guard dog and I was her guardian. She anchored me to this earth plane, fiercely protected and loved me, but she also weighed me down. She was my Baby girl and I was her Mama. We are deeply connected, and had met in other lifetimes together. I feel her loss profoundly.

So I must grieve…I must feel all of it as you do-my beloved clients. I don’t get to skip any of the stages of grief because I’m gifted…I’m a human first and a servant of Spirit as a medium second.. Perhaps it’s practice for when more of my family members pass, but she was family. She loved me more than any human ever could and those of you who have had this special bond with a pet understand this unconditional exceptional love and devotion of an animal. It’s unlike anything

I’ve ever experienced, and she was my greatest spiritual teacher.

I have helped other friends and family put down their animals, but have never had to do it myself. I quickly realized it didn’t matter if it was a dog…the grief was powerful, real and wouldn’t go away. I looked into her eyes as she slipped away and say goodbye. I couldn’t imagine not being there for her in her final moments when every moment of everyday she was there for me. When I wasn’t, she waited patiently. A trip to the bathroom was not complete without her nose poking through the door just to make sure she knew where I was.

I understand more now about being triggered by the most mundane simple things and the waves and waves of tears and grief washing over you anew right when you think it’s getting a bit easier…

I understand more now about things like picking up a beautiful rosewood box of ashes that now sits on the mantle instead of having a beautiful smiling face greeting me at the door. She who was never more than three feet away from me for all those years. I understand why I missed her sign to me two days after she died because I was grieving so hard I had to have my friend point it out to me. I understand so much more in just these few short weeks and I know the lessons will continue.

Mediums talk of not missing the signs from your loved ones. I wrote about my mother’s sign to me in “The White Feather of Love” - Feathers, coins, visits in dreams, special bird or animal signs are among them. I work hard at making sure you know what your loved ones’ sign(s) are for you when I give you a reading.

So what was her first sign that I missed? That first day after she passed, I was driving back from a beautiful cathedral where I had been seeking comfort and could pray and cry. As I drove over a bridge, there was a German Shepherd sticking it’s head out of an SUV back window directly in front of me, obviously enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It was a female and she was quite dark in color-a working line shepherd like my girl.

She looked so much like Aisha. I immediately started bawling and thought what a cruel joke it was that I would have to see one just one day after putting my sweet dog down. There was no place to pull over to cry and I had to drive slowly while the tears gushed down my face blurring my vision.

When I got to my friend’s house and told her about it, she said “Lisa! That was Aisha telling you she’s ok! That’s her SIGN to you!!!” I didn’t want to believe it, and was so utterly distraught in that moment I had missed it.

Then I remembered…the first time we ever laid eyes on each other she was in the back of an SUV. The guy popped open the back and as she looked at me with that huge wide toothy shepherd smile, I heard her say to me:”Oh! There you are!” It was a moment in time I will never forget and she brought it back to me at the end…she knew it would mean everything to me once I truly “got it”. How interesting too as I played the scene over and over in my mind, that the SUV I had seen was a white 4 Runner. I can’t recall seeing many of those around.

I know she is happy, free of pain and suffering. She is FREE enjoying the sunshine and fresh air,FREE of collars, crates, leads, and medications. She can go run anywhere she pleases, and we both have no more fear or anxiety.

I also understand the desperation to want more of her in Spirit. Wanting one more sign, one more visit-anything. I understand the frustration of wondering why I can’t see her when a few other friends already have!

I understand picking up a few of her items-a collar and toys and smelling them just to get a whiff of her dirty dog scent to comfort and remind me that she really was here. She was a huge presence, and the void she has left behind in my heart and my home is vast. Navigating space and time without her is a challenge every single day, and while it will get easier it will never be the same and neither will I.

That’s it isn’t it? To suddenly understand more fully the immensity and preciousness of the one we lost? To value them in ways we maybe didn’t while they were here? To learn to never ever take for granted those precious family and friends that we have been given and the short time we have to truly enjoy them? I was at Petco yesterday and of course in walks a huge German Shepherd male puppy with it’s tall lanky young man talking to him in the toy aisle. He was having a lively conversation about what kind of toy he would not destroy and what to get him. Baron, the pup was too busy helping himself to various bins of edibles. I petted his soft fur and holding back tears, told him briefly about my girl. When a dog is a puppy it’s hard to even fathom them at that older stage of life-it seems so far off.

Now whenever I get the chance, I say, “Enjoy every single day with him/her-it goes by so fast!” whether it’s a human child or fur baby, it’s true. My father is a wise man and he once said to me: “When the days ahead of you are fewer than the days behind you, they are mighty precious.”

So just be forewarned…if you are in my world and I love you, be prepared to be seized. I will seize the day, seize the moment, and seize every conversation and time spent with you before I must grieve you. I will fiercely enjoy and love you and make sure you know how precious you are to me. I will communicate, validate and appreciate you. I will make memories with you and not take you or any time we have together for granted any longer. I will seize you before I grieve you. Then, when it’s finally my turn to be on the other side, I’m going to see you and say: “Oh! there you are!”.

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